About Us

  • UAV remote sensing services
  • Aerial remote sensing services
  • Polifemo M21 - Imaging spectrometers for remote and proximal sensing
  • Polifemo M8T - Imaging spectrometer for Drones
  • System Integration

REMOTE SENSING is the division of SUPERELECTRIC s.r.l. focused in the development of measurement instrumentation and services for Environment Monitoring by Remote and Proximal Sensing.

Since 1995 REMOTE SENSING started the development of the gyrostabilized airborne POLIFEMO IMAGING SPECTROMETER class platforms.
In 2001 the Italian National Agency for Environment Monitoring granted REMOTE SENSING for the development of an innovative discovery system of hidden waste depots system.
In 2003 ESA (European Space Agency) selected POLIFEMO M12 imaging spectrometer to produce an high resolution Multispectral map of the CECINA river.
In 2009 , the Italian National research Council (CNR) selected POLIFEMO M21 for its ERA Airborne Platforms.
In 2014 REMOTE SENSING completed the development of its POLIFEMO M8 imaging spectrometer specifically designed for DRONE platforms.

Superelectric REMOTE SENSING has developed an innovative 4DOF Dynamic simulation platform specifically designed for RPAS pilot training.

SUPERELECTRIC is authorized reseller for Google Earth and Google Maps Professional Platforms.